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Product Manager - Analytics Solutions

Product Management – Santa Rosa, California
Department Product Management
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VisiQuate is looking for a Product Manager who will drive next-generation improvements to our industry-leading analytics solutions. You should be a revenue cycle or healthcare analytics rock star who builds products that succeed and scale. You like getting in the weeds with your team and are thrilled by the prospect of writing requirements, doing requirements analysis, running functional and technical design discussions, testing product, and working closely with business as well as engineering teams. 

You love discovering new insights about the revenue cycle market, and integrating that knowledge with what you hear from subject matter experts, clients, and other team members. You use these blended insights to enhance our existing solutions and create entirely new ones. You can articulate your vision into requirements/design that your engineering team can convert into usable software. Periodically, you will need to help a client or implementation team deliver a custom solution, but your underlying thought will always be, “How can I make the value of this custom solution usable by all our clients and prospects?” You aim to deploy standard solutions across clients, but design in the right amount of configurability that give our clients the flexibility they need.

In all, you have a unique blend of business and technical savvy; a big-picture vision, combined with the drive and attention to detail that transforms vision into a reality. You will be connecting closely with the engineering team, and have a very strong understanding of VisiQuate’s clients (internal and external) and other market representatives to understand their needs, and to define innovative solutions. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Understand the business problems the healthcare market and our clients face; prioritize and productize identified needs into solutions
  • Lead cross-functional teams, including engineering and data science teammates from thoughtful ideation to frequent deployment via tools of the trade: Agile scrum, usability studies, acceptance testing / validation
  • Enhance existing product lines and generate new ones that seamlessly integrate with one another, scale and create compelling combined offerings 
  • Collaboratively define and evolve solution product strategy within the company: champion product decisions, prioritize projects, and allocate resources
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with key stakeholders to identify and formalize new technology needs for solutions
  • Maintain and prioritize an agile product backlog for engineering and ensure that new features and enhancements are validated and clearly specified.
  • Envision, define and create work scope, timelines and project documentation
  • Oversee project development and manage communication across multiple departments to ensure that required parties have the necessary information and direction to efficiently deliver projects on time
  • Establish, improve, execute, and spread awareness of project processes to ensure optimal delivery while maintaining a highly engaged, energized, and efficient team
  • Translate and refine broad business needs into clear, targeted agile epics and stories that are consumable by development teams
  • Monitor adoption, usage and revenue impact of new services and enhancements and report on release impact as necessary
  • Ensure that all stakeholders remain sufficiently educated on relevant progress and decisions regarding each project
  • Run demos and professional meetings with stakeholders and functionality consumers
  • Engage with clients through a variety of channels and serve as the voice of the client internally

Skills, Education & Experience

  • A high-energy, expert communicator with both technical and non-technical team members, brimming with positive, proactive energy
  • A data-driven decision maker who combines sound business judgment with strong analytical thinking
  • Demonstrated knowledge (and experience in) both theoretical and practical aspects of project management
  • Ability to understand requests and convert them into formal design or concept documents
  • Understanding of technical aspects related to software development and current web technologies
  • Able to prioritize tasks for yourself and others, remaining productive while balancing multiple projects
  • Ability to think strategically with the capacity to expand client use cases into platform-wide requirements
  • BS degree in Information Science, Computer Science or equivalent technical business field with 5+ years experience
  • 3+ years experience in a fast-paced organization as a project manager, business analyst, or product manager working with business and engineering team(s)
  • 5+ years of experience in healthcare or a related industry
  • Experience with a variety consumer and enterprise products - from mobile apps to web apps and an API or two
  • Qualification in project management (PMP), Scrum (CSM/CSPO) or equivalent
  • Experience in Atlassian Jira, Confluence, project management software or similar products
  • Experience with data science and model building
  • Experience with machine learning technologies and principles
  • Experience with enterprise-grade Analytics products like MicroStrategy, Tableau, QlikView, or equivalents
  • Experience managing projects for clients external to the organization is highly desired

Characteristics we love: 

  • Highly self-motivated and driven
  • Allergic to sterile and cold corporate cultures
  • Passionate about producing high-quality deliverables
  • Detail-oriented and results driven
  • Collaborative team player
  • Addicted to learning and improving
  • Has the ability to turn data into insight

 Successful candidates will value and embrace VisiQuate’s Founding Principles: 

  • Leadership - We lead by example and by empowering our clients, partners and staff.
  • Optimism - Our glass is decidedly half full…and then some.
  • Curiosity - We approach the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions with an inquisitiveness that delights in discovering fresh ideas.
  • Zeal - We approach our work with eagerness, determination, and contagious enthusiasm.
  • Integrity - We value conscience, character, truth, and honor as fundamental principles.
  • Innovation - We believe in a continuous and relentless pursuit of all which seems unimaginable.
  • Fun - We believe that hard work and fun go hand in hand.
  • Compassion - We will lead not only with our heads; but with our hearts.
  • Giving - We will gladly give our time and money to causes we believe in
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